Saturday, May 13, 2006

Genealogy - My Trunk

My wife Kiran (nee Hemmady) Krishnamurti and I go back 31 years. I first met her in 1975 at the admission queue of Topiwala (Nair) Medical College in Mumbai. We were just kids then, and have actually grown together since. We `went around' for seven full years with our parents' knowledge and `approval' before tying the proverbial knot in 1982. We moved to Hyderabad in 1985.

Kiran and I are best friends first, and spouses and other things thereafter. We also have many common values and interests. These are real pluses if you've chosen to be together until death does you apart !

My wife has many great qualities, as anybody who knows her will tell you. You'll be hearing more about and from her as this blog evolves.

Sudhakar Krishnamurti.


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